Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lead Legs

Please don't think I'm saying lead as in "she leads the pack" when you read my title. I meant lead legs as in my legs felt like lead for most of last week. But I think that phase may be done with.

At least I'm hoping it is.

Besides the slow, heavy feeling in my legs, my training went alright last week. On Monday I got in a speedy 10 miler, averaging around 7:34/mile. I spent the rest of the week "recovering". I was hoping to get a 12 miler in on Sunday, but I did not feel motivated to run at any point throughout the day. In fact, I am surprised that I managed to do a 5 miler at all.

Tomorrow is the day of the Corporate Cup 5K. For those who aren't in VT or who have not made it down to this event, its a HUGE race in which businesses, non-profits, etc. form teams of 3 and either walk or run a 5k. All of the times are added up to give a final "team time" and individuals are also ranked by time. There are many categories for teams, and the top few teams in each category get a trophy. The CVMC team I was on last year got 2nd place for non-profit female running teams. This year I'm running with two super-awesome interns from the UVM program. We were all interning at MHS this year and are now ready to represent!

I'm curious to see if my legs are capable of running any speed at this point. I've been trying to "kick it in" for the last 200 meters or so of my runs, to get them moving, but have not done any serious speed work. And it looks like we will see some sunshine for once tomorrow. VT has been been getting its share of rain over the last few weeks.

And now, for some good news: I received word yesterday that my teaching portfolio passed! All of my grades are in as well - 4.0 baby! This also means that I can definitely graduate on Saturday. It feels really good, but strangely odd to be done. This year, although difficult, was incredible. I met amazing people and am sad that we will be parting our ways after this weekend.


  1. Oh wow!! Did you do your student teaching at MHS?! That must have been odd at times...I could not imagine teaching in our alma mater or whatever you call it. Congrats on finishing!!! And graduating!

    1. Thank you Mongie! I should have been more specific.... I was at Montpelier High School. Which I guess is still an MHS. Otherwise, that probably would have been a very weird experience.