Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Survived Sandy but left with Unknowns

All is well for us. We never lost power and the wind has passed. Wilson spent the entire morning sleeping. He was up ALL day yesterday and paid for it today. Poor thing.

I feel fortunate that nothing happened here. However, the folks in NJ and NYC have been on my mind all day. The photos and videos on the news are unbelievable. I know that they will be able to clean up, but it is so hard to imagine how to go about that.

Teaching Earth Science makes me more and more aware of just how powerful nature is, and we certainly saw that force yesterday.


At some point today I found out that the hotel I was to stay in this weekend was evacuated. The Financial District received the most of the tidal surge, and my hotel was right there. I assume it was flooded and of course, without power. Now I'm left with a few unknowns. And boy, I hate unknowns.

And yes, I do realize that these are nothing in comparison to what people up north are dealing with. I feel guilty for writing them because they are dealing with so much worse. But here goes....

The biggest unknown of concern: Is the marathon going to go on? All reports up to now say yes.

Other unknowns running through my mind:

  • Will Amtrak be running by Saturday?
  • Will I actually make it up to NYC?
  • Will I make it to the marathon expo before it closes?
  • WHERE AM I GOING TO STAY?!?!??! (This is my second biggest unknown of concern)
  • How will I get to the start?
  • How will all of us get to the start?
  • Where is the start? (this was unknown before today)
  • Is there hope of the subway working on Saturday or Sunday?
  • Will I get back home on Sunday night?
Of course none of you will be able to answer these questions, but it feels better to get them out. *sigh* They say that things always work out in the end, so we'll see just how it all works out.


  1. Hi Dani. Glad to know that all is well with you and that you didn't suffer any damage. I feel terrible for those in NY and NJ as well. Such loss and so much damage. I can't imagine that the marathon is still going on. They haven't even begun to clean up, but it's NY and New Yorkers are strong and they move on quickly, so you never know. Keep us informed!

  2. We just got power about 30min ago and my husband was able to get to work today. I don't go back until tomorrow. The pics I'm seeing of NYC do not look good and it'll be something if they actually have the marathon....it's just so much damage/devastation. I feel bad for everyone affected by sandy....I hope your unknowns gets answers soon girl.

  3. i just found your blog :) I think you have every right to be worried about your unknowns. You've worked hard training for this marathon! Best of luck to you this weekend!