Monday, November 19, 2012

Philadelphia: A New PR!

The Philadelphia Marathon was a TON of fun yesterday. I finished with a 3:17:20 and a new PR!

Don't fret. A complete recap will happen within a few days!


  1. :))) x1000...that's all, lol! Looking forward to your full recap! Congrats again girl!

  2. Congrats Dani! :-) Can't wait to hear all the details. Your time is AMAZING. You are like faster than the speed of light. I told my coworkers about your race and their jaws dropped!

    I followed your advice and got a pair of running tights from TJ Maxx for $16.99 the other day...I wore them yesterday and felt like superman!! It's amazing what a difference they make from bulky "yoga pants." I ended up running 4 miles!!! I don't think I've done that since HS cross country and even then I highly doubt lazy Nicole ran the whole way. I still have to find a good wind jacket...thanks for the help!!

  3. Congratulations, what an amazing time!! So inspiring, I dream of being fast like that!