Thursday, November 15, 2012

Philly it is!

A quick note:

I am heading to Philly on Saturday!

I just packed my suitcase and am all set to go - a whopping two days early. That is not like me! Especially since I was not even close to being ready to pack two Fridays ago before NYC. 

Marathon time is oh so close. I'm ready for these 5 months of training to be finished. I'm ready for this four week taper to be finished. I'm ready to see what I have in me. I'm ready to get out there an run!
And then on Thanksgiving I'll be ready to do the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak! Who's with me?


  1. Yayyyyyy so excited and happy for you!! You're going to do awesome girl! Cannot wait to hear about it! :))))

    1. Thanks Melissa! I can't wait to finally run it!

  2. Woo hoo!!! You must be very anxious to get the marathon in. Break a leg! Wait, do you say that for races or just before performances? Eh, it's what I say for everything. Don't actually break anything.

    The "Holiday Running Streak" is a cool idea! I won't run a mile a day since I already am in a very set running schedule. I also don't have to worry about traveling since I'm spending Thanksgiving in Massachusetts for the first time ever. It's going to be kinda weird not going to VT, but I have Jeff's family to hang out with and they're kind enough to include me in all their family gatherings! This will be a helpful tool for Christmas time, though.

    I need to ask...where do you get your winter running gear and WHAT in the heck do you wear?! So far I've been getting nice long sleeved shirts and fleece from Old Navy. It seems to be the most economical choice for me. I do want to get a pair of running tights. I had to do a butcher job on a pair of "active" yoga pants to add a pocket and hem them (my legs are REALLY short), only to discover that they start falling off my butt when I start running.

    I have a fleece hat and I made myself a fleece neckwarmer for when it's super cold and breathing is hard. Anything I'm missing??

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I think we're spending Thanksgiving down here too and it is just so weird not to go home for it. Glad you have a family to be with though!

      Definitely get some tights! The best bargains are at Marshals or TJMaxx, but I guess I've had the most success at those stores during the summer. When it gets below 10 degrees I'll wear workout pants over my tights for extra warmth.

      The best investment I ever got was a wind proof jacket. It doesn't have to be thick, but something to keep that bitter wind away from your body. I swear, once I got one of those jackets, all I needed in the winter was a short sleeve shirt, a long shirt over that, then the jacket. Winter running gloves are a must and then a hat or headband (which you said you have!). Good thinking on the neck warmer.

      People always say not to wear cotton, especially as an under layer, but I prefer it to the tech t-shirts. Just make sure to change out of it immediately after a run, or yes, you will get cold! Hope that helps you!

  3. Ohhh good call on the Marshall's TJ Maxx!! I always forget about those stores.

    I have turned into an online shopping freak when it comes to Old Navy. I swear I have been keeping them in business since September. I'm hoping for a good online deal on "Cyber Monday" so I can order some more of these awesome fleece zip-ups!

    Thank you for the suggestions!! Can't wait to see photos of the race and hear how it turned out! :-)