Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Different Perspective

Do you have a running loop that you run in the same direction every day? Perhaps one that you have run every week for the past few months, without ever running it in reverse? I dare you to do it. Run that route in reverse. It's amazing what you'll see with the new perspective.

Houses that you ran by every day suddenly appear different. Trees and flowers pop up that you had never noticed. Decorations look differently. And suddenly you're more aware and awake on your run than the last time you ran it.

I'm that person that tends to run routes in the same direction. When I headed out on my run yesterday I wanted to do something different and see something different. Running my route backwards totally changed everything! I only ran for a half hour but saw a completely different landscape than I had been seeing for the last few months.

It's good to step out of routine. It keeps our brains fresh. And you don't need to stop there.  Challenge yourself to step out of routine once this week and take note at what you experience.

Hope you're all having a happy Sunday!


  1. Thats one reason why I don't mind out and backs - I always see something different on the way back! I broke out of my routine and met up with some fast people to run this morning - it was a great push!

    1. I looove out and backs too! I'm finding that I do more loops in DC than I did before, but always head out in the same direction. That's awesome that you got to run with some new people. I saw a bunch of runners on the metro yesterday and realized that I need to get out and join a running group. Running with others is always so motivational!

  2. GREAT advice!! I read this yesterday, and today went for a run after school. I wanted to do a 4 miler since I haven't had the chance to for about a week and a half, but I was feeling tired--I had a weird cramp in my left hip/quad all day, etc. I ran a half mile and then reached the point where I normally split off for my loop. At the last second I thought of your post and ran it backwards! It was a really nice change.