Friday, January 4, 2013

Back from Vermont

Vermont was too nice to us over break. It was hard to say goodbye to the state and of course all of the people in it. We tried to see as many friends as we could but didn't have enough time to see everyone.

Church street was as beautiful as always. We spent a decent amount of time there between eating and catching up with friends and shopping for gifts. We even got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's with my brother on the coldest day of our visit. Call us crazy, or perhaps just real Vermonters? Ah but it was so nice to be there!

We drove up to Stowe one afternoon to watch Tom's Dad's band play. It was a fun afternoon and I felt like I was living the VT life again. No thoughts of DC whatsoever. On another day we went up to my mentor's house to go snowshoeing (for me) and snowboarding (for Tom). Another great afternoon there!

The snow at my dad's house

Tom got in plenty of snowboarding during our trip and the state saw plenty of snow thanks to its biggest storm in almost two years. I definitely got my wish for snow but then had to shovel! Thankfully we missed out on the cold spell that hit VT yesterday. Some folks woke up to -17 degrees in VT, but we were doing fine with a 30 degree wake up temp.

With all of the happenings over our 10 days there, I had little time/motivation to do much running. I mean, I'm talking only 15 miles during that entire trip. I am already paying for it.....

You better believe that Tom and I stocked up on some Vermont goods. I'm talking Vermont beers, pepperoni, and of course - Maple Syrup!! Tom got a lot of the items below, but the photo is missing the GIANT bag of Rosie's beef jerky that I gave Tom for Christmas. I mean, GIANT. As in it cost almost $30 to purchase. A lot of money, but well worth it when you can't get to VT that often.

I'm thinking that next Christmas I will ONLY ask for Vermont Food....

We're back in DC now. Drove 12+ hours to get here on Tuesday. While most people were recovering from the NYE celebrations we were stuck in a bit of traffic. It feels weird to be back, but it is so nice to be warm again when I go outside!

I have a few more days off before I return to work. I could get used to having two weeks off more often. The break has been so nice and relaxing, and I now worry about having to make my brain go back in to school mode.


  1. I LOVE all of that snow! I'm glad that you had so much fun. I'm not sure if I am ready for school to come!

  2. So jealous yet very happy you got all that snow! I love, love, love Church Street and glad you got to spend time with a lot of people. It's always tough going back home and trying to fit everything always end up needing more time! Are you going to go back there for Spring break? Do you think you'll ever move back to VT? My hubs LOVES jerky, the sugar candies, and real syrup, lol. Nice look gorgeous with the one of you and your friends on Church Street. Sucks about the commute home...traffic is such a nightmare sometimes! Enjoy your last few days off ... you'll be back to grind before you know it! Have a great weekend girl! :)

  3. Blargh! I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet up. It's my fault for only visiting for like 3 days!! I never like to leave Jeff all alone in Massachusetts for too long.
    When is your next trip up? I want to visit during the April vacation that happens at my new school. Maybe not for the whole week. We'll see!! My fam visit me pretty often too, now that I don't have any roommates to deal with (except Jeff).

    I'm sharing your anxiety about going back to school. But I think it's only because I'm going to a NEW school. But I will finally be doing what I really want to, at least one day out of the week. I keep reminding myself that I am right for the job obviously since they chose me. But it's always that weird little voice in the back of your head saying, "Do you know what you're doing?!" Oy! Well I've ruined your blog enough with my rambling! :-) Glad you're back safe and that you're relaxing!