Saturday, March 2, 2013

Date Night at a Bball Game

I keep thinking about how different this teaching experience is from what I would be having in Vermont if we had not moved.

For instance, last night Tom and I supported the 7th graders at our school by attending the Wizards Vs. Knicks game. $10 from each of our tickets went back to the school. We had a great time seeing a real game and "supporting the children" (as Tom said all night).

We made a date night out of it, grabbing dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown before the game. Tom is definitely a kid at heard and bought cotton candy and Dippn' Dots during the half.

Neither of us really follow the NBA and I wouldn't say that I personally have a team. Last night I was cheering for the Wizards (you know, to support the local team), and although they came back in the second half, they weren't able to hold on at the end.

Our goal for our time down here is to check out all of the sporting teams. After 8 months I can say that I've finally knocked off one from the long list!

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