Thursday, July 11, 2013

Help Me Understand This New Fad

Ok. I need help.

I'm sure you've heard of all of the new races - Spartan races and Tough Mudders - but there are more out there. And they all seem to be coming to DC.

First we had the color/dye runs. Run a 5k and have colored corn thrown starch at you, only to have it wash off your white shirt when you wash it! (not to mention breathe all that in...)

Nah - that's alright. I'd rather not

Then there's the Drenched 5k. Run a 5k with a water gun, squirt people, throw water balloons, and then slide down a GIANT slip n' slide. Perfect for a hot DC summer day.

Maybe I can see how that one would be fun, but as an Earth Science teacher, all I can think is "Holy Crap you are wasting a TON of water". Therefore, I will not be partaking in this. 

We also have the Electric Run coming to DC - run at night with neon lights. This one is 97% sold out already. 

This morning I received an email about the ROC Race. ROC standing for "Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge" 

Ok, so maybe that one also sounds like fun - like a 5 year old's DREAM race. It's a giant play gym for grown ups. Seriously - could you imagine being a kid and knowing that you would someday be able to do this? Is this what Nickelodeon has done to our generation of runners?! But oh man - that Science teacher in me is squirming. So - much- waste and plastic. I don't know if I'm against the actual race or the consumption of goods at this point! I just think it's the weirdest thing. Really - take a step back. Imagine looking from above and seeing all of these people running through this. What does one think?

I think we are odd - but that's totally me.

You will never see me do a Spartan run, a Tough Mudder, or any of the runs listed above. If I race, it's to see how fast I am. Not to see if I can kill myself. Or to waste resources. Maybe I'm too competitive, but I like running for running. I also don't want a reason to get hurt - *coughtoughmudderandspartancough*

Give me a cupcake or ice cream at the end of a race and I'm all good. If you want to throw in a coupon for running shoes or hey - even a free pair of running shoes - then even better. Those are things I can use! Those are things that make sure I can keep running. I don't need fancy things to get me to a race. Scratch that - I love medals. Medals get me to the finish. But that's not the point....

I want people to be active and have fun, but clearly I am being closed minded. So please tell me, what are your thoughts on these races? I am sure there are a few of you that have done these. Help me see the good. Also - which of these races would you sign up for? And, are there any crazy races out there that I've left off this list?


  1. Hi dani - I'm 100% on your side. The whole time reading this I was like YES YES YES she is so right. I live in the DC Metro area as well and quite honestly I'm sick of these races already. I'm ok with getting people off the couch to a challange, but all these races are a little dangerous for those that are not as active. For those that are active it is very dangerous...running through strobe lights and fog? umm..does not sound fun to me. To top things off people are like "i'm a runner" - ok, yes you are a runner but...the color run 5k is not a race. "So I'm happy you finished but try out a race without someone throwing colored chalk at you." Glad to see I'm not just being anti out there races and other runners agree. Thanks for the entertaining post.

  2. Im not against these races, but I wont be doing them as you said. It's not for me. I want to see how fast I can go, not what is going to tear me to shreds, burn me or anything. I did a color run last fall with a friend, it was worth doing once I suppose but expensive to run a untimed race and have people throw color at you. I have no issues with others doing them, whatever brings people over to the fabulous side of running, but it's not my up of tea.

    One of my pet peeves lately.....when someone finds out Im a runner... "oh have you done tough mudder" NO that's not a damn running race!

  3. I get irritated by the public perception that these races are the "epitome" of strength and fitness. They're just gimmicks! You know how I know? They're REALLY expensive. I will never pay $60 to run a 5K. Come on. That's crazy. They just want your money and to make you feel like a superhero! I don't need that!