Monday, January 20, 2014

Boston 2014: Week 4 Training

Two words: Polar Vortex. 

That darn thing kept me inside for half of week 4. And if you're doing your math correctly, week four actually ended on January 12th. I'm a little behind with the updates.

Week 4 Total Weekly Mileage: 23
Total Circuit Workouts: 2

Monday: Circuit Workout
The wind was a-blowing and Dani was a whining. Instead of suffering outside I stayed inside and hit up youtube for a circuit workout. I am picky about circuit workouts and often can't find one I like. However, this was a good one: I didn't get bored and I definitely got in a workout.

Tuesday: off. Hello Arctic cold!

Wednesday: Circuit Workout
It was still too cold for me and so youtube came to the rescue once again. Lesson learned: even if you want to be quiet for your downstairs neighbor, please don't do this workout without shoes. My left leg was in intense pain that night and my calves hurt until Saturday. The good news is that I definitely got my two strength workouts in for the week!

Thursday: 6.5 miles at 7:44 pace
The run started great until mile 3.5, which was when I started to go up a monstrous hill. My calves were incredibly tight and the tightness was so deep that stretching didn't improve them at all during the run. I cut the run a little short.

Friday: Off
By now I'm embarrassed and disappointed to write how many days off there were this week. Let's move on to some running...

Saturday: 8 miles at 7:44 pace
It was drizzling outside but fortunately warm enough to take out shorts and to be without a jacket. I loved being out in daylight! These types of runs make me optimistic for future runs.

Sunday: 8 miles at 7:47 pace
Totally did not check the wind speed before I left and was under-dressed, causing me to be cold the entire time. Perhaps suffering through these runs will make me mentally stronger?

At the end of week 4 I was feeling bummed. Too many days off and still a lack of motivation. Boston is too far away so I need to look into some races between now and then to focus on and train for. 

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