Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Surprises!

Yesterday I turned 22, which means I'm now halfway to 44. (AHHHH!!! I'm getting old too fast!) It was definitely a memorable birthday and a lot of people made it special.

My alarm clock woke me up at 7:30 and I said to myself, "you know what, there's no need to get out of bed." It was rainy, it was still fairly dark out, so I decided to just lay there for a while. That's when I heard Courtnay, my roommate, get up, go downstairs, and come back up into her room. Hm....that's odd. She doesn't usually get up that early to go all the way downstairs. So I got suspicious. I kept waiting for a car to drive by, wondering if perhaps someone was coming over. When one finally did, I peeked outside and noticed that it was white, and that it was parking just outside of our house. It was Tom.

I got out of bed and ran downstairs. By the time I got down there he was in the cupboards taking out pans. He was making me breakfast!!! We had really delicious pancakes and some of the bacon from Valentine's day. He also had bought me some CADBURY EGGS! Oh how I am in love with them. We enjoyed our breakfast and then he left. I went to the DMV to get my license renewed and headed home. The rain stopped and for the rest of the day I relaxed in my house until it was time for dinner.

Tom and I met my dad and his girlfriend, as well as my brother and his girlfriend at Mexicali, my favorite "Mexican" restaurant here in Vermont (although I haven't tried too many others). We had a great time there and left feeling VERY full. I ate the entire Durango burrito that I had ordered, as well as half of a brownie sundae that I shared with Thomas.

Tom and I headed back to his place and I began to get suspicious. One of his roommate's trucks was in the driveway even though he was at his home-home this week. Every single light was off in the house, unusual for 7:30 at night. I can normally count on one of the 6 guys making dinner at that time. We got in the house, took off our shoes, walked into the kitchen/dining room and "SURPRISEEEE!!!!!"

A bunch of my friends were all there with party blowers, a homemade cake made by Sarah (delicious), and a decorated dining room thanks to one of Tom's roommates. It was so cool! I even had a crown to wear! Tom organized it, and they all had kept it a secret from me. It was great to see them all in that room, a mixture of all of my friends; my roommates, Tom's roommates, as well as some of my really good friends that I grew up with in Milton (actually, it was quite an odd combination).

We hung out at the house for a while and then went downtown for a few hours. Yesterday was really great because I got to spend it with so many people that are close to me and that mean a lot to me. Birthdays are special in that they make me stop and think about my life and appreciate so much more what I have around me. I think we (I know I do) get caught up in the tiny things in life, but I know that when my birthday comes around, for that one day, I don't care what happens and I notice more of the details around me.

So now I start a new year of my life. Who knows what it'll bring. I'm going to try to carry that birthday feeling with me every day of my life (although sometimes it'll be hard) so that I can always look on the bright side of things and always appreciate what I have. I'm really thankful that I am healthy and am able to experience the things I do with the people around me. We're not on earth for very long so I really should learn to make each day a birthday because I am waking up and am given another chance to do something in this world.

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