Saturday, April 4, 2009

Love the Eggs

Easter means one thing for me. Cadbury Eggs. Well, it means a lot more, but that's the first image that comes to my mind.

I absolutely love these little (and I mean little because as I grew up they did become tinier) creme filled chocolate eggs. My mom bought them all the time for us when Easter rolled around as we were growing up. Weeks before Easter there'd be a 4pk box of them in her truck for our rides into Burlington. We'd always get them in our Easter basket, and she'd buy them when they were reduced after Easter. They're amazzzzingg.

Oh! And those cute little commercials with the little bunny laying the eggs. Bruck-bruck-bruck!!

Needless to say I was quite sad last year when I realized I'd be in Spain for Easter. What was I to do?!?!! Omg wait! My group and I went to Gilbralter in February, a little part of Spain that's actually owned by the UK. What else is in the UK??? Cadbury!!! So of course they had Cadbury Eggs! I bought 2, so excited to have them. They were my little treasures and I actually kept them for a while before I broke and could keep them no longer.

Then, in my birthday package from the Cheneys, there was another box of 4, direct from the US. I cannot tell you how much they meant to me. I savoured every moment that that chocolate and creme was in my mouth. Made sure to lick the creme to make it last. I even stopped everything I was doing, went out and sat on my blacony, just to make that moment even more special. Am I sad? Perhaps. But this chocolate treat is more than just a treat, it takes me back to my childhood memories, great times that I always wish I could go back to.

Anyway...that's my ranting. I bought 5 of them today at Rite Aid because they were so cheap! 2/$.088. I will cherish them just like I did the ones last year, unfortunately I'll have to eat them in my house instead of off a balcony in Granada, Spain. My mouth always waters before I eat it, but the saliva flow always increases right after I take off the wrapper and get that first whiff of the distinct Cadbury egg smell. That's like the last checkpoint - there's no turning back once that aroma reaches my nostrils. And goooodbye egg :)

Thanks Cadbury for inventing them. They always make my mom 100% better, even if it's already at 100% good

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