Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! This weekend has been wonderful! Friday was record setting weather - 78 degrees!! I left work an hour early. There was no way I could stay inside any longer. So I got home and ran 19 miles. The little peepers (frogs) were out on the river, which is definitely a sound of spring!

Yesterday was another record setting day - 83 degrees! It got so hot so quickly. I went to the Montpelier farmer's market first thing, then came back home to run another 4 miles. I made an amazingly-delicious cream of asparagus soup that I enjoyed with one of the Red Hen rolls from the farmer's market. Red Hen Baking makes my favorite bread!

Sadly the day had to end at 2:30 when I went to work at Hannaford. We were super busy because of the holiday, which made time fly by so much faster.

Today I'm off to Tom's grandparents where the whole Cheney family gets together every year. I hope that you all have a Happy Easter :)

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