Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something Bad Has Got to Happen to Me

I just baked quite possibly the most amazing chocolate chip cookies in the world. They're so amazing that something bad has got to happen to make up for the incredible amount of enjoyment and satisfaction that I'm feeling right now. Like seriously, is my car going to crap out tomorrow on the way to work? Am I going to get hit by lightening? Is someone going to hack into my bank account and steal all of my money? 

Hopefully not. I can't help but wonder though....

I've realized how important good quality chocolate is. Growing up I couldn't distinguish between different cookies or chocolate. But there's a huge difference in the taste of chocolate. Nestle doesn't taste anything like Hershey's, which doesn't taste at all like Ghirardelli. I don't like Ghirardelli, but I think that Nestle taste almost too cheap. It taste like home-style cookies, but I would consider this recipe one that's more gourmet. Meaning, I need gourmet chocolate. 

Perhaps a chocolate tour of the world is what I need to find out which chocolate would make this recipe perfect. If only I had the money....

PS. Maybe the "bad thing" just happened. I took a batch out of the oven, was transferring the cookies to the cookie rack and one fell off! Cookie overboard!! There was water on the counter and it landed right in it. Crap! Hot cookie plus water equals sizzling! I rushed to get a spatula (cookie was too hot!) but in the process somehow flung some chocolate from the cookie onto my finger which then flung to the top of my left foot, burning that part of my foot, making my foot jump, sending the chocolate up to the back of my right calf, burning that as well. So if that's all that's going to happen, then I'm relieved!

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