Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's Day Oreos

Meet my sneakers:

And meet my legs:

(Yes, I intentionally put two different colored socks on before I went running.)

In 30 days we'll be meeting all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon.Yikes!

This time change and warmer weather over the last few days has made me feel so much more alive. I walked out of work Thursday and couldn't stop smiling. And as the photo shows - I got to break out my running shorts again. 

Not only did this week bring longer days, spring-like weather, daffodils for my desk, and geese flying north, it also brought Saint Patrick's Day!

A couple of weeks ago a co worker gave me a bottle of Mexican vanilla when she returned from Mexico. When she handed it to me I knew immediately what I wanted to make: oreos!!

The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen. To add a little holiday flair I added green food coloring to the frosting. I could easily taste the difference in the vanilla in the frosting. I love the crunchiness of the cookies and also the fact that they can't last on the shelf for months on end. Two separate people (Tom being one of them) said that they tasted like Lucky Charms.

It's a good thing I'm training for Boston because it's impossible to have only one of these little things.

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