Monday, April 4, 2011

French Fries and Shaky Arms

I know I live in Vermont but I'll never get used to snow in April! Since it was so nasty today I decided to take the day off from running and do a workout from On Demand. I soon found myself on the floor doing push ups with Jillian Michaels and trying to lift my 10lb weights before swapping them for the balsamic vinegar and olive oil bottles. Yes, I need to buy smaller weights, and yes, I seem to have lost muscle mass over the last two year. I guess that's expected when I trade XC practice for a 40 hr/week desk job.

By the time I finished the half hour workout my arms were shaking. I HAVE to do more weight training! Anyway, I immediately started making dinner: a not-so-healthy meal of beer battered cod and homemade oven fries. My arms continued to shake the entire time I was cooking. 

The beer batter smelled absolutely delicious but I wish it had coated the fish thicker. Have you ever soaked potatoes in water before baking them? I had never heard of it but I think it made all of the difference tonight! They came out of the oven perfect! I added my own touch to the recipe by adding Italian seasoning to the salt and pepper before baking. Served with some ketchup for dipping - these things were amazing. 

And all I can say is it's a good thing I run or I'd be in some trouble after this meal.

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