Thursday, August 1, 2013

Race Fads, Part Dos

If you didn't catch last month's rant about new insane-sometimes-crazy/weird/not worth-the-money-races post, then you can read it here. If you did read that post, then get prepared for Round 2!

In the last week I have discovered more races for people to enjoy, some that were happily delivered to my inbox via Thanks, Active - somehow you knew I was looking for crazier races than NYC or the Parks Half.

Sarcasm, people.... Don't forget sarcasm here.

First, there is the Run for Your Lives race. Zombies are everywhere - movies, books, TV shows -  so why aren't they in a 5K? Oh wait - they are! Apparently people are more than willing to dress up like Zombies and chase people that are running through - oh get this - an OBSTACLE Course! That's novel. In this race, you turn into a zombie once all of your flags are taken from you.

Don't want to run a 5K? No problem. Become a zombie! Need a reason to run? A zombie coming after you might just do the trick! Maybe you saw World War Z this summer and are just plain ol' obsessed with Zombies. Then this is the race for you!

Ok, so what if Zombies really aren't your thing? Perhaps you read the Twilight books in one week and at one point in your life you were obsessed with vampires. Well, DC has the race for you!

Introducing, The Vampire 5k! You're goal is to not get bitten. Bring some garlic and sign yourself up! Don't worry, it's perfect timing for Halloween. If you sign up today (August 1st) you can still get the early-bird race special, and only need to pay $40.

What else did my Internet search provide me with this afternoon?

We have - The Hero Rush. An obstacle course with a fire-fighter theme. Besides the expected obstacles, you have to rush into a smoke-filled building and do CPR. I hope you're certified!

Now for the ladies. For the low price of $55 (if you sign up now), we have ourselves a race called, The Diva Dash. As the race advertisement says, ditch the dudes, and run! There are a few reasons why dudes aren't running this obstacle course: giant pink balloons, flower-covered obstacles, balance beams from your elementary school days.

I really wish that "women-only" events were a little less girly.....

I would rather do an Ironman than one of these. I seriously can't swim so doing an Ironman would essentially mean I'm going to drown, so my chances of doing one of those is .... zero times infinity.

Which still equals - Zero.

But wait, ladies! We are not done. Men, sorry to exclude you from this, but we have ourselves The Pretty Muddy! The slogan on their website reads, and I quote...

"It's like the greatest party ever - but muddier"

It's like, they give you mud pits, beach ball pits, and you get to like carry around pieces of wood on like your shoulders! In, like, a tutu! 

I am now just realizing that maybe I shouldn't click on the links in the emails. They are sending me more and more wild races when all I'm interested in are actual running races. No obstacles. No paint. No pink. No zombies running after me. Perhaps when I click them they get feedback that says I clicked it, and they now think I'm totally into these races and want to run one.

But I'm not into them. I don't want to run one. I am still against them. Part of me finds it hilarious to see what they keep coming out with, but the other part of me can't stop shaking my head in disbelief. We, humans, are a strange bunch....

And now I'm thinking to my self....
"Did I seriously just spend all that time writing a post on something that I think is ridiculous?"

Time to unsubscribe from those Active emails....

Happy Day-Before Friday

This is Dani for you today. 


  1. best woman's race (well i havnt done your nike half yet but I want to so bad!) is the Frieghoffers Womens 5k in Albany. You get a BOX of chocolate chip cookies at the end and the competition is mad fierce. Its still my road race 5k pr. Speedy!
    15:25 winner this past year!


    1. OMG YES! That sounds like the best race ever! I have a slight chocolate-chip cookie obsession. I would not mind running that one :) And that is a faaaaast time there. I still can't believe women are running faster than that.... insane!

  2. This would definitely be more fun!

    In semi related news I downloaded a app a few months ago that was a zombie run, it's a storytelling run app which lets you run and chases you at times. It was ok, I wish it had more zombies to be honest, but it's still a fun idea.

    1. Whaaaat? They make that? I am so curious now. I won't actually use it, but what an interesting concept.

  3. Haha - It's funny how Active assumes you like all these races! Have they sent you any about a glow in the dark race at night? :)
    I've found that small, charity 5k's and 10k's are great runs - no paint, no zombies or vampires - just plain timed running - for a good cause.
    Great post by the way :)
    Shashi @

    1. YES! I've gotten that glow in the dark one. I take it that you've seen a few from them too? Charity runs are the best. Races can be pricey once you start to add them, but knowing that your money is being used for a good cause makes it worth it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I got an email from a race organizer who wanted me to promote his race called "run and dye". I politely declined. I am NOT a fan of these fad races.

    1. How funny! I don't think that race would quite match the experience that you had at Ragnar!