Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was a great day for multiple reasons....
  1. I finally finished the lace patter on a pair of mittens I'm knitting. I had to restart this one mitten 5 times.
  2. I got to take TWO naps! (They're only 10 minutes each)
  3. For the first time ever I made a batch of royal icing that correctly flooded the cookies I was frosting. 

I also got two early Christmas gifts....

Mother nature was super nice. She gave us a 43 degree sunny day. I got to run 10 miles without a hat or mittens. There's still green grass and I even saw a runner wearing shorts. I absolutely love being able to do a long run this time of the year. 

And speaking of long runs, that's where my other gift comes in. I run the same route for 90% of my runs since we moved here two years ago. A few weeks ago they decided to replace a water line that runs directly under a section of my running route. How dare they?! That meant I had to run around town and no matter where I went I was going to go up a monstrous hill.

I headed out on my run yesterday afternoon not knowing where I would go or for how long. I caught up with a girl that was heading toward the bike path and decided to follow her. I was thrilled to get to the construction zone only to find out that it was no longer under construction!! And from that point on I knew where I was going and for how long.

It was a pretty awesome run. Thank goodness I had eaten plenty of fudge before hand to keep me fueled during the surprise long run :)

Oh, and as a side note - I normally do not take pictures while running. I busted my running watch yesterday which means I needed my cell phone to keep track of time.


  1. Dangit! You've got skills in the baking and blogging department (already knew about the running). Very impressive. You and Tom have definitely got to come by our next cookie swap or dessert pot luck.

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