Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Notice Something New?

This is almost a year and half too late but alas, it is here!!

Last March (2011), Tom secretly asked Torrey from New Duds to create a logo for Dani Cakes for my birthday. We love Torrey's drawings, and each year we are excited to have him design and print the t-shirts for the Milton Freedom 5k

Torrey drew three designs with different colors and fonts so that I could pick which one I wanted. I was very surprised when Tom brought out the cake after dinner and on it was a possible design. He then presented me with a card that contained the other designs Torrey had drawn. I cannot tell you how excited I was at that moment. I had never thought of creating my own logo before and this ended up being one of my favorite birthday gifts of all time!

It took me a while (um, about a year) to choose which one I wanted because I loved all of them. However, I did manage to pick one and you can now see it on the banner at the top of my screen! Honestly, I wish I hadn't taken as long with the decision and banner because I could not wait to show you guys the new Dani Cakes look. 

I love the little runner hidden behind the cake and the colors are so cheerful and happy!

Thank you Torrey and Tom for such an awesome creation!

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