Monday, August 20, 2012

Future Absences, Dreams, and Hopes.

Quick side note before I get into my post...

Tomorrow is Thomas' birthday!!!! 

And since I won't have time to post....


Hello all! Today marked the start of the school year with my first ever teacher orientation session. I actually look forward to this week of orientation and in-service. Obviously, I must be a first year of teacher.

I wanted to take a few moments to say that I will try to blog as often as I can, but I have no idea how often that will be. Not only will it be my first year of teaching, but I am training for my own marathon while also assistant-coaching cross country. That leaves me with little time, and I must sacrifice pleasure time that would be spent blogging and reading blogs in order to be the best teacher that I can be for my students.

I try to leave my "professional" life out of my blog, not wanting to mix in any school details with personal details, but I will say that I feel so lucky and incredibly excited to be teaching at the school I am at this year.

This morning we spoke about the dreams and hopes, and the difference between the two. I realized today, that last year in college I considered a lot of what we spoke about as a "dream". As in, "Only in my dreams would we be able to go into detail about a subject rather than quickly cover a vast number of topics in order to finish everything in one year."

This year it has become a hope. It is more realistic. It is actually a possibility. Most of the things I dreamed about could become reality. I am hoping that they will.

There are many hopes that are running through my mind right now as I anticipate the start of the school year. There are many fears as well. We each took time to recognize those hopes, dreams, and fears today, to share them, and to discuss them. But as the night progresses, I keep thinking of more.

I have no idea what this next year will bring in terms of blogging. I have no idea what this year will bring in terms of teaching. I also have no idea what this next year will bring in terms of my personal life. But I do know that I am more excited than ever at what lies ahead and I can only see positive things coming out of this experience.


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to your main squeeze Tom! :) And CONGRATS on starting your career...both in teaching and coaching! I wish you all the happiness and success personally and professionally and I look forward to reading updates when you're able to do so! :) Have a fantastic day girl!

  2. Teaching is scary at first!! When I first started at my current job 2 years ago, it was a little rough. It's hard to get used to new people, adults or kids, but it happens with time. You'll get into a routine and you'll get used to the students (and vice versa.) It's just the jumping in and getting started part that's a little scary. You'll do great, you always do!!!!

    1. Thanks Mongie for your words of encouragement! The first week ended up going alright, but you are so right - getting started on the first day was the scariest!

  3. HI Danielle! Best of luck with your marathon and with your new teaching job! How exciting for you. If you don't mind me asking, what grade are you teaching?

    I'm so proud when I see people training for marathons. I wish I did it when I was younger. My knee acts up now and I can only run 7 miles at a time, but I am thankful that I can still do that. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting out in nature and running, it's my meditation.


    1. Thank you! I am teaching 8th grade Earth Science. It's my first time with middle school students so I am not always sure what to expect. They certainly fill the day with surprises, though!

      That is too bad about your knee :( I totally agree with you about being in nature and having that peaceful time. It is so wonderful to have!