Monday, October 15, 2012

I Was Long Overdue

Warning! Graphic Images to Follow

I take a spill almost every year. Two weeks ago, someone I was running with took a spill. I commented on how I hadn't done it for a while, but that I had probably jinxed myself for saying it. I mean, a move to a new area would not be complete without me taking out a knee on a sidewalk somewhere. Burlington - check! Montpelier - Check! DC - now a check!

It was probably a bad sign that Tom bought a new box of band-aids yesterday. We fly through band-aids when we get a new box, but use them less and less as the supply runs low. His purchase was another sign.

The spill was eminent.

All I needed to do tonight after practice was run 3 miles. Three. Easy. Miles. I felt great, especially after yesterday's run. It was starting to sprinkle around 9 minutes into my run. Rain was coming. I was excited. We never get rain. It's warm! Who doesn't love running in warm rain.

Then BANG!

I was on the sidewalk. Right outside the metro. Fortunately only one guy was there to see me. I sat there for a bit. What happened?! Why are my hands and knee in such pain? What am I going to do?! Run? Turn back? I'm so close to the turn-around point.

I turned around. I can deal with a bleeding knee, but with a marathon 3 weeks away, I do not want to run on injured bone. And the exposed nerves were more painful than anything else, so I couldn't actually tell if my bone hurt.

Tom helped me out when I got back. Turns out my elbow also took a hit, but my jacket protected it from the bare concrete. Thank goodness. Honestly, this isn't a big deal. It's just a minor annoyance to have to run with a scab or to deal with the pain on my hands. I'll heal and in a few weeks forget it all happened.

Guess it all goes with the territory! Another running battle-wound to display and another story to add to my NYCM training.


  1. Yikes....road rash hurts! I'm sorry girl. I hope it heals quickly for you!

    1. Oh me too!!! It's feeling much better already.

  2. On a long run not too long ago I encountered and older woman who had just fallen and was bleeding from her elbow and knee massively but also from her forehead. I was the only one who offered to walk with her to a first aid kit and she ended up going to the hospital for stitches! Glad that you made it through only needing the band aid box!

    1. Good thing you had been around. Sounds like she definitely needed the help. I am very thankful to not have it that bad.