Monday, April 15, 2013

Thinking of Boston

I just got home and am finally turning on the news. The videos and photos are so sad. I heard about Boston right before school ended. Total shock. Disbelief. Not sure what words to use to describe my emotions and thoughts.

All weekend I was sad that I wasn't there. All day I kept thinking about the runners that would be running.

Now I keep asking Why? Why? Why do this to runners? To people? Why do it ever?

I keep hearing of friends that are safe and sound. They're OK. With each communication I am a little more relieved. I can't imagine the families of those that were hurt or killed.

I am not there, but I thank all of those who are helping out: the guards, the fire and emergency crew, the police, nurses, doctors, runners, and all of those that are rushing to respond and help out.

I'll go out for a run tonight. Running seems to be the only thing that I can control while the rest of the world goes crazy. I'll go run. And I'll breathe more deeply to smell the flowers. I'll watch the families walking with their kids. These events remind us to appreciate our lives a little more.


  1. Very well said.

    From one runner to another, thank you for being a part of an amazing running community and family. Stand together.

  2. Hi Dani. I thought of you when I heard the news and I'm glad you were not in the marathon. I think the universe kept you away for a reason. It's so tragic. I pray everyday that we can evolve more into the love spectrum. These senseless acts just bring about fear and hate. I just wish it would stop. I'm glad you're ok and that your friends are as well. Sending you some love from the West coast! xoxo, Jackie