Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be Strong

I could go on and on in this post about the article I'm about to share, but I've decided to keep it short.  Since I am a teacher, you're about to get homework.

One of my college roommates sent me an article the other day, titled 'Strong is the New Skinny'. It's been popping up on some of my friend's Facebook walls over the last few days. If you have't read it, go read it. Please. That is your homework.

I love the girl's story and her message. As I read it, I kept thinking of all of the 8th grade girls I have this year. Ideally, I wish that each of them would take 10 minutes to read the article. Then I wish they would take the rest of the day to process it. And then, I wish they'd lace up some running sneakers, go for a run, and then refuel with a hearty meal so they can go run the next day. Because being fit really is so much better than being skinny.

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