Thursday, June 27, 2013

S'mores and Staying Busy

*How about a little random for your Thursday.....*

To start off, it's my dad's birthday today!! I can't believe how fast the year has gone. Wishing I could be up in VT to celebrate with him. It's so weird to be down here and not there with him today.


I had my first run yesterday without pain. No hamstring pain. No foot pain.

And there was no pain again this morning. I don't want to get too excited about it since the pain has come back each time this has happened over the last few months, but I'll take it.

If you've wondered why there has been little talk of running on the blog over the last few months then see above. PAIN. There's nothing to say about 4-5 mile runs that are sometimes plagued with hamstring and foot pain. This paragraph alone summarizes my running over these months: run a few days, take a few days off, race, take a week off, blah blah blah.

Keep reading - we're getting to these amazing things....

Am I the only one who loves naps? I seriously only need 15 minutes am I'm good. I used to rush home after XC practice my senior year at UVM, shower, nap for 15 minutes, eat, then go to class. It kept me awake for the rest of the day - no falling asleep in physics or whatever I was taking at the time.

Now I find myself taking a nap almost every day that I'm not in school and I don't want to keep that habit going all summer.

Finally, yesterday I discovered how to stay awake all day. Who am I kidding - I knew this all along. The secret is...


For example, if one wanted to stay awake for an entire day, they could wake up at 6:30 and proceed to the following activities:

 eat breakfast, run, shower, write two blog posts, catch up with a childhood friend from VT, call your dad and talk for an hour, make beef stew (only Tom would request this in 90 degree weather), eat lunch, hang a mail-center thing your brother made you for Christmas (photo to come), walk to the bakery for bread and graham crackers, spontaneously make an amazing summer desert with those graham crackers (thank you Jacquelyn!), decide that you still have not spent enough time in the kitchen and proceed to make a batch of pizza dough, play with your amazing orange furry friend that likes to play fetch again, pay bills, clean the kitchen from your earlier mess, and wash two loads of laundry - but don't fold them because your orange furry friend decides he likes the full-laundry basket as his bed better than anything else and stays in there until you go to bed 5 hours later....

Reason #1 why clothes don't get folded: he will grab the shirt I'm folding, pull it toward him, and begin to  bite it
Reason #2 why clothes don't get folded: A bag full of warm clothes = most amazing bed ever, especially when placed under a ceiling fan
Yep, that takes you to about 5:30. Along with an hour or two to read the headlines or to get distracted by facebook/blogs.

My favorite part of the day was finally sitting down to have dinner, finishing said dinner, and then surprising Tom with the frozen s'mores from Marin Mama Cooks :)

You know you want to make them. Trust me, you really do. The crunch of the crackers, the chewiness of the frozen marshmallows, the cold chocolate - they make the perfect summertime treat even without a campfire. And she wasn't kidding when she said they're highly addicting. They really are. 

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