Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The title could have two meanings...

Meaning #1:

I pulled out a piece of treasure, let's say - a gem from my past - today while organizing a book case.

It may look like a simple blue binder, but I've had this thing since high school. Hence the sticker in the left-hand corner. I used to collect them on my binder each time I got one back on a paper. Dork - I know. What can I say. 

Moving on....

This was my "results" binder with all of my results from track and cross country in high school. There are even a few UVM articles/clippings that made it in there. 

Often I found myself thinking back to my high school running days as I coached cross country and track this year. I kept thinking, 'what made my high school program different than the one I'm coaching now?" For one, it was the media. Our results were always posted in our local and town papers. Clearly, this was a motivator for me. 

Our runners wanted to run fast. There had been plenty of other runners before us that had gone on to run in college. And once one of your older friends makes it into college and runs, then you start to believe that you can as well. 

It was fun to look through the times from all four years. Both my times and Tom's times were in there, as well as friends we still keep in touch with. Of course I compared runners to the kids I coach now, and yes, I am coaching some speed demons that would have beat the runners on my team back then. Exciting. 

Wilson was also interested in the book. He doesn't care about the splits (he is confident that he can beat anyone) but I think he was more interested in the smells from the cats I had growing up. Is it possible for their smells to be on it 8 years later? 

Anyway, looking over these results and seeing my change over the years is getting me excited to work with my kiddos again in the fall. I saw some make big improvements in just the XC season, but some kept running through track and got bit by the running bug. They are beginning to discover their potential. 

That is what high school running is all about. It's about digging deep and learning what you have inside of you. 

And that is one of the best things to witness as a coach - a kid that surprises his or herself with their own performance, and finishes hungry for another chance to improve. 

Meaning #2
We could have also discussed Bruno Mar's song 'Treasure', which I have had stuck in my head all day.  And if you haven't seen the new video, perhaps you ought to. I am just a little bit excited about seeing him this weekend when he comes to DC. 

Just a little bit.

Ok. A lot excited. 


  1. My mom made me an album for each year during high school. I love going back and looking through them. Brings back so many memories!

  2. I LOVE that song! I hadn't watch the video and it made me giggle a little bit. I love how retro things are getting! I hope the concert is awesome! I love looking back over old memories - I wish mine included being in the paper for running! ;) p.s. Wilson is SUPER cute in that picture!

  3. Great idea to keep memories/accomplishments forever.