Monday, November 4, 2013

NYCM 2013 - Quick Update

Hi All!

I had a great time yesterday running NYC and today suffered with an extremely foggy brain in the AM and very sore legs during the afternoon. 

A full recap will come later. The quick stats are below:

Official Time: 3:13:42 - A new PR!

140th Female
42nd in Age Group
1859th overall

We had a GREAT weekend and got to meet up with old friends! It's really too bad it only lasted three days :(

A BIG thanks goes to my personal photographer and biggest cheerleader - Tom. He put up with my five months of training and ran/biked/taxi-ed throughout the city to cheer me on yesterday. 


  1. 140th female!?!? That is incredible... there had to have been like 20,000+ females!!! Can't wait to read the whole story. Way to go!!

  2. omg you only have 139 ladies in front of you?! that is INSANE! And half were Kenyan, ha! Congrats Dani I cant wait to hear more too. SO proud of you!

  3. Cant wait to read the full recap! It was awesome seeing you out there! Congrats on a great race and new PR!