Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Instead of studying for my micro lab final which is in 2 hours, I'm writing a confession.

I love Palmer chocolate rabbits almost more than I love truffles from Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Yeah, that's not right.

Palmer chocolate is like the bud light of chocolates. It's cheap. It has a lot of extra stuff in it that real chocolate shouldn't have. But I love it. I start with the back of the bunny first. Work my way to the bottom where the chocolate is the thickest, leaving that part last. And to finish it, I finally eat the candy eyes and candy carrot. MMmm MMm

Tom and I were shopping at Price Chopper last week and they had a cart full of Easter Bunnies from Easter. And there was my Palmer bunny, calling my name. We got two of them. They are completely gone. No sign of them at all except for the box that's in the recycling. They're so sugary, not really a chocolate you can sit down and enjoy, but for the little time that I am eating them, I'm enjoying them.

So that's my confession for the day. Back to studying. Tomorrow's the last day of classes! I look forward to throwing away all of my papers and being done with school for a while. It'll be great :)

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