Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Taste of Summer.... or of Lake Champlain Chocolates

Yesterday it reached 86 degrees here in Burlington.

That's Hot. Or at least it seemed it since 2 months ago it was below zero here.

I went to work for 5am and it was raining. Came out, and it was like I had stepped back into time to last summer. My work clothes were wayyy tooo hottttt.

I got home, changed, and then Tom and I rode our bikes to the Lake Champlain Chocolates factory store for a free chocolate tasting!!!!! It was great. We got four chocolates and half of one of their truffles. Most importantly, we learned how to slow down and "properly" taste chocolate. It was fun. After we decided that free chocolate wasn't enough and we each bought a cone of their homemade ice cream. OMG. If you ever are in Burlington VT, forget Ben & Jerry's, go to Lake Champlain chocolates and try their ice cream. It was incredibly creamy, just like the gelato I had in Europe. And it was so rich. I had a scoop of their Belgium Chocolate and a scoop of their Chocolate Chip Vanilla. It was a small but quite large and I left with a very stuffed belly.

We rode our bikes along the waterfront, again, which was beautiful. For dinner we made a pizza that was again, delicious. We watched one of his roommates in a hoop dance performance. I had never heard of hoop dancing until I met this guy, but it was fun. Afterward we went and watched two of our friends play at a bar. They're in a really great band called The General Lee.

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