Sunday, January 1, 2012

Champagne Cupcakes

Happy New Year everyone! Tom and I went up to Winooski last night to welcome the new year with good friends of ours. It was a fun time and we even got to see a few old faces from high school and college.

We couldn't go to the party empty handed and I knew exactly what I wanted to bring: champagne cupcakes!

A year ago I discovered champagne cupcakes on some blog (I don't even remember which one at this point) and have waited patiently for the appropriate time to make them myself. I mean, you really need something to celebrate with these bite fulls of deliciousness. Actually, I just forgot to get a bottle of champagne every time I went out and that's definitely a key ingredient.

Since I couldn't remembered what blog I found the recipe on, guess where I headed? (I need to get paid for the advertising I'm doing for them). I found a recipe from Culinary Serendipity and only made two modifications: I added 4 cups of sugar in the butter cream and 5 tablespoons of champagne instead of the 3. The frosting was too think with only 3 tablespoons of champagne and would have made piping difficult. Fortunately, I can't imagine anyone complaining about having more alcohol in the frosting. 

The verdict? They were a major hit! It was so hard to keep myself away from them before the party, and even harder to stay away this morning. Does anyone else eat dessert after breakfast? Oh dear, I do have a sugar addiction... The cake was drier than I'd like, but I think it actually worked with the amount of frosting that was on each cake.

I got this fabulous new apron from my college roomies, Meghan and Courtnay. I absolutely love it. And them!

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  1. Those cupcakes look awesome! I love the pink frosting on top. :)

    Happy 2012!