Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Eats: Palena and Ice Cream Sandwiches

After a long, lonely day of unpacking boxes with Wilson, I was very excited to hear that Tom wanted to go out to dinner when he got home. We live near a bunch of restaurants and had to decide between Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, American, Mexican, or Italian. I'm sure there are more choices but I am still not that familiar with the restaurants near us.

We did a quick scope out of the row of restaurants before settling at Palena, an Italian restaurant.

I ordered the gnocchi with peas, bacon (only fancier - I just can't remember what it was) and goat cheese. This was my second time having gnocchi ever, and I am very happy I gave it another try. It was delicious! It had a hint of lemon which made it the perfect summer dish. I was in love with it and was sad to take my last bite. 

Tom had their grilled Salmon which was even more delicious than the gnocchi. And you certainly did not need ketchup with these fries. A dip into the salmon's sauce was more than enough.

Since it was about 93 degrees when we got out of dinner, we decided to hit up Sugar Magnolia on our way back to the apartment. It's a cute little cookie bakery that has unique ice cream flavors as well as homemade ice cream sandwiches. 

We both grabbed the salted caramel ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies. I really enjoyed the sandwich if I "forgot" that it was supposed to be salted caramel. Otherwise, I couldn't really tell that it was caramel or salted. It was a nice little treat to cool us off for the rest of our trip home.

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