Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowquester Snow Day

A snow day was called for our school this morning. Although there was barely (and I mean nothing) any snow on the ground, I was excited to hear of the decision. The snow is expected to start accumulating, especially by the afternoon. So it really was a good decision on their part.

I think I have had more days off down here due to weather than in VT!

The snowflakes that are falling now are huge. Wilson has tried to catch a few from inside, but didn't have any luck.

Since I don't have to shovel that means I can truly relax today. I celebrated by opening a hot-chocolate gift set that I received from a student at Christmas time and enjoyed a cup of chocolate for breakfast.


  1. I'm super jealous - I LOVE unexpected days off. It makes the mornings feel so much more special! Enjoy!

  2. I miss snow days! We had a little bit of snow last night, but it didn't stick. Today has felt like fall...super rainy and windy. Our power went off at work, but I work in a hospital so we never even noticed until we heard the generator.

    1. Oh boy! Thank goodness for generators! This snow day was a sad one because we didn't get the projected 4-8 inches. We got just an inch and the snow turned to rain in the early afternoon. It was almost a waste to take off the day, but you can never really tell what it will decide to do out there.

  3. Hi Dani! You're in DC right? I remember when I lived there, (92-94) the city would close down at the drop of a snowflake. They really can't handle snow and ice. I loved it though because whenever there was snow, I got a snow day at work, because all the business's shut down as well. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed a nice cozy day at home. xoxo, Jackie