Friday, July 20, 2012


This post is going to be a little unique because I'm not going to talk specifically about food, running, or cakes. Rather, I'd like to talk about blogging and blog stats.

The Blog: I began this blog back in 2009. I am actually embarrassed to admit that it started off as a cross stitching blog, a hobby of mine that has greatly decreased over the last three years. Within a few short months I realized that I enjoyed food and wanted a way to document my adventures in baking and trying new recipes. At the same time, I also realized that running is so much a part of my life that it was bound to end up in a post every now and then.

That fall I began decorating cakes and I this blog became a great place to show off the creations. But more importantly, it allowed me to document the creations. I was always a kid who kept a journal, so this seemed to be another, more modern approach to journaling, only with somewhat of a theme or perspective.

I've often thought about splitting the blog up into a running blog and then a baking/cake blog, but always decide not to. Some people may not like the variation in this blog, but it is how I want to write, so I'll stick to it. What it comes down to, is the theme of the blog isn't cooking, isn't cake, isn't running. It's what is going on with my life. I don't share everything but it allows for a general idea of what I am up to. Perhaps that could be considered selfish, but blogging can take up a lot of time and one must be happy with what they're writing in order to continue.

Stats: Over the years I have visited the 'Stats' page on the blogger dashboard to see how many people were coming to the blog, to see what my most popular posts are, and also to see how people were getting to the site.

The search keywords are always my favorite and there have been plenty of random searches that have led people to the blog. The most common are listed below:

At number 1 is the Mustang cake that I made for my brother. Following that, is the cake that was almost never made. And the third most popular cake post is the one on the track and field cake

Blogger vs. Wordpress: As I get more into blogging I become more tempted to switch over to Wordpress. It is something that should be done sooner rather than later if it is going to happen, but I just can't figure out why I am still holding on to Blogger. A major reason is that I tend to be too independent and I don't want to hire someone to do the switch. I feel confident enough in my computer skills to do the switch myself but perhaps not confident enough. Maybe there will come a day when I'll have enough courage to switch over, but for now, Blogger will do.

The blog is always evolving, which is good. I would get bored if I didn't shake things up now and then.  And who knows what the future will bring to this little space on the internet. 

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  1. I think it's cool that there is a variety in your keeps it interesting! Happy Friday! :)