Friday, February 3, 2012

Adventures in Granada: Day 2 - Exploring the City

Yesterday I told you about our morning and early afternoon adventures on Day 2 of our visit to Granada. Today I am here to tell you about the rest of our day. 

When we got back into the city from the Albaizín we were in desperate need of some cool air. The cathedral  was the perfect haven from the hot air, and provided us with more Spanish culture.

The architecture and art is just gorgeous in here. And compared to a lot of other cathedrals I've been to in Spain, this was just a baby one! It brought back memories of my days in Spanish Art History or the AIFS tour. I was so excited to be back but was a horrible tour guide. I don't think Tom felt the same excitement I did....

After the cathedral it as time for some shopping. We headed to a quieter plaza, close to the Cathedral and where I used to live. I swear, we must have gotten gelato #3 here, but I can't find a photo of it. You'll just have to take my word for it.

A cafe outside of the Catedral

We had already seen a lot by late afternoon: a run through the mountains, the Albaizín, and of course, everything listed above. Tom wanted to make sure we took some time to r-e-l-a-x on this vacation. Thank goodness he was there, otherwise I would have kept going. 

Tom's request for a relaxing afternoon: el Parque de Garcia Lorca. 

Tom was in the middle of Born to Run, and I was working on Life of Pi. Like always, the people watching was way more interesting than any book in front of me. 

It was so nice to sit on the bench, feel the warm breeze on my face, be able to smell that familiar smell of the city, and not have a single worry about my life back in America. Spain was simply wonderful.

A cat in the park! It made us miss Wilson 
Granadas! aka: pomegranites 
After the park we were both hungry and thirsty. Back in the day (heh) I frequenly visited a tapas bar called Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast). Tom and I tried to go on day one of our visit, but they were packed with people. 

Day 2 was more successful. We got a seat outside without any problem, but we also got way more tapas than we had anticipated. The bar had apparently smartened up over the years and began to offer a "deal" for customers in order to make more money. We could pay for our drink and pay a little extra for food and  they would in return give us a sampling of tapas. We didn't quite realize how much we were going to get, and unfortunately didn't like a lot of it. 

Two cervezas, potato chips and olives, a seafood salad, a variety of jamon and queso bocadillos, mushrooms,  croquetas, and some type of pepper/onion salad.
For the life of me I cannot remember what we did the rest of our evening, and that is exactly why I'm documenting our trip now (so I don't forget any more!). I do believe we hit the hay early, knowing that we were visiting the Alhambra bright and early the following morning. 

Our adventure of Granada will be continued...

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