Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures in Malaga: Day 1: El Castillo Gibralfaro

It was hard to choose where to start our site-seeing adventure in Malaga. It was an incredibly warm day and sunglasses were a must. We headed westward from our hotel, toward the center of Malaga city. What separated our hotel from the city (besides distance) was the Castilla de Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba - both built hundreds of years ago.

Our curiosity led us to a hill with a winding road and great views of the city. Along the way we frequently stopped to catch a new vista of the city, including the port and the bull ring. There were flowers along the way and areas to take a breather. This hill was steep and we worked up quite the sweat. Fortunately, people were well aware of this problem and we were able to catch a refreshing Fanta and cerveza before exploring the castillo. 

Fanta: A much needed refreshment after the hike up the hill

It makes sense that a king would build his fortress on a hill top. We had a clear view of the entire city as we made our way around the walls of the castle. It was fun to explore the different areas and to imagine that I was one of the guards hundreds of years ago. This castle was build by a ruler of Granada in the 1300s. Quite amazing!

Quite the view of the city

The journey down the mountain was much easier than the trip up. I spent a lot of time admiring the beautiful flowers along the path. Their smells were intoxicating!

At the bottom of the hill we decided to get a little closer to the port. There wasn't much to do there, but we did check out a temporary museum exhibit for a little while. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at City Hall and I had to smell the flowers by there too! They're the purple things bordering the steps in the photo below. 

Malaga's town hall: more extravagant than Montpelier's

In between town hall and the sea were two paseos, or roads, with a park in between. Few people were within the park and it seemed quite peaceful. They were loaded with Day Lilies and benches to sit at. 

Tom put on a show in the outdoor theater

I was the only one in his audience

There were a lot of these trees in Malaga. They looked as though someone had painted a camouflage pattern on them, only that's how they actually grew!

The bullring of Granada. We had just barely missed a bull fight
Although we were finished with the historical component of our day, we still had plenty of daylight left and more city to explore. My next goal: get me some paella!

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